The complete production cycle, starting from the 3D computer models design, following with processing on CNC machines and anodizing of all our products.

ALUGEAR’s components are mostly made of aluminum and painted in various colors.

ALUGEAR takes responsibility for every stage of the production cycle. Our product development engineers are highly qualified specialists in the field of bicycle construction

The original design and high productivity – this is the result of our advanced development and technology. We produce a huge range of 1x chainrings for almost all cranks that exist, and if it suddenly turns out that we do not have the chainring you need, we will make it for you. 

ALUUGEAR COMPONENTS  are: 1x Narrow Wide chainrings, 2x shifting chainrings for road cranks, cassettes with wide range for road/gravel, and MTB bicycles, all kinds of accessories.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the widest selection of chainrings and cassettes for bicycle transmission on the basis of:

  • Warranty
  • Original design solution
  • High-quality production

Being cyclists, we know that cycling creates positive energy and our goal is to multiply this energy.

We are constantly working on new projects to create products for clients from all over the world.

So you are welcomed to the world of ALUGEAR!