Round AERO for SRAM 3-bolts Road/Gravel

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Technical specifications

Weight: 40T- 89g; 42T- 97g; 44T- 108g; 46T- 115g; 48T- 126g; 50T- 133g; 52T- 143g;

Offset: 40T- 7,5mm; 42T- 7,5mm; 44T- 5,7mm; 46T- 5,7mm; 48T- 3,7mm; 50T- 3,7mm; 52T- 1,7mm

Chainline: 40T- 43,5mm; 42T- 43,5mm; 44T- 45,3mm; 46T- 45,3mm; 48T- 47,3mm; 50T- 47,3mm; 52T- 49,3mm

Chainring diametr: 40T- 171mm; 42T- 179mm; 44T- 187mm; 46T- 195,5mm; 48T- 204mm; 50T- 212,5mm; 52T- 221,5mm


The chainring is for SRAM Direct Mount cranks.

This chainring is mounted with 3-bolts to the back of one of the crank near the axle.

Our chainrings feature unique tooth profiles design for chain retention, mud clearance and the best wear life. Wide mud clearance and maximally chamfered chamfers which prevents mud from adhering and accumulation as resulting in reduces friction.

The tooth profile is specially designed for use with Road chains.


For SRAM 3-bolts Direct Mount cranksets and Cane Creek eeWings All-Road.

The chainring can be used with the following drivetrains: 1×10, 1×11 and 1×12.

With SRAM 3-bolts AERO Road/Gravel chainrings you may use the following chains: all
10sp, 11sp, 12sp SRAM Eagle, Flatt top AXS, Campagnolo (but not compatible with 12sp Shimano chains).

Use the standard chainring bolts supplied with the cranksets.


40T, 42T, 44T, 46T, 48T, 50T, 52T


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver